01. Our neighborhood swimming pool is a wonderful [facility], with a wave pool, diving boards, a huge water slide and lots of equipment for small children to play on.
02. Construction has finally begun on athletic [facilities] for the next summer Olympic games.
03. Medical [facilities] in this country are having trouble meeting the needs of an aging population.
04. She has a real [facility] for languages, and can speak at least 6 fluently.
05. The new conference center is a beautiful [facility] which is sure to bring additional tourist revenues to our city.
06. The [facilities] which were built in the city for the Olympic Games have since been used to establish important sporting programs for the continued development of our national athletes.
07. She has a certain [facility] with very small children, which makes her ideal for a position in a daycare center.
08. Michael Straczynski once remarked that the quality of our thoughts is bordered on all sides by our [facility] with language.
09. The world's largest oil storage [facility] is at Ju'aymah in Saudi Arabia.
10. The nursing home has all the modern [facilities] to keep the elderly residents occupied and stimulated.
11. The ski bus has washroom [facilities] for use by the passengers during the long trip.
12. 15,654 square miles of the United States is currently occupied by nuclear weapons bases and [facilities].
13. Forty percent of the world's population lack access to even the most minimal of toilet [facilities].
14. Most Cuban women are able to work from the time their children are very young because the government provides childcare [facilities].
15. After Algeria became independent of France in 1962, France decided to move its nuclear-testing [facilities] from the Sahara Desert to French Polynesia.
16. U.S. and British warplanes destroyed a military communications [facility] in southern Iraq this morning.
17. Korea has many important cultural [facilities] where people can enjoy exhibitions and stage performances throughout the year.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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